Tech N9ne Fan Pic Of The Week 05/13/2011

May 12 2011

“Here’s my fan pics, as you can see im wearing scrubs, i was at work when i found out he was doing a signing at the mall in my neighborhood in 1 hour, so.. i took my lunch break and i told my boss i may be late, it was awesome hes badass, i got to meet the whole crew and got my scrubs signed, i went back to work all tagged up from Strange~~~ even Brotha Lynch was there too!! love ya tech, make sure you keep you head right! much love from Vegas Baby!! cant wait to see you again in June, (mind you i didnt wanna meet tech wearing scrubs, i stuck out like a sore thumb everyones rockin his t shirts and im leaving work haha!)

thanks again so much!!! love ya guys, frieda 22, las vegas baby!!”

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