Your Favorite Tech N9ne Concert Experience?

May 14 2011

What’s sizzlin’ Technicians? It’s almost summertime which means Tech and the Strange Music team will be hitting the road and coming to a sold-out venue near you. Sixty-one shows in three months. From Hollywood, California to Orlando, Florida, Tech N9ne is heating up the nation.

As always, our Strange Music blood will be circulating through venue entrances, ready to rip up floors and tear down lights. From wall to wall, thousands will be screaming, sweating, and clamoring decimals above the legal limit. This is a Strange Music show, so you know whether it’s midnight or not, all you’re going to see is bright lights and raised hands.

We here at Strange Music know you F.A.N.S. show more love than then we can ever pay back. We try our hardest to put on the best tours in the business — we grind, you spark, and together we keeps the streets yelling “Industry Is Punks!” Everywhere we see the memories, whether it’s a video on YouTube, or pictures on Facebook, we know our fans are having the best time at our shows. We want all you Technicians to come together down below in the comment section, and let us know some of your favorite experiences from a Tech N9ne concert. Tell stories, tell jokes, post links to pictures, YouTube videos, anything.

Then hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your Bicardi 151, because here comes Tecca Nina!

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