Fan Draws For Tech N9ne [Fan Feature]

Jun 5 2011

Hey Tech, my name is Brandon Chilton, Techn9cian and juggalo from down here in Baldwin county Alabama. anyways I’ve been a huge fan for about a year now, i gotta admit i first heard of you way back when Killer came out, but I slept on that album forever. When I first got it I was into rock and just getting into the Insane Clown Posse and i dont know i didnt really listen to the lyrics back then, just the flow. But about a year ago, the start of my Junior year anyway, my friend showed me “Suicide Letters” and I loved the beat and the flow. So I listened back through Killer and the lyrics to “Crybaby” just jumped at me, it also inspired me to try and become a “Chopper”. Back to the subject, after that replay of Killer, Disc 1 and 2, I really got into your stuff, heavy. The friend who showed me, Nic Harmon, had a lot of your cd’s: K.O.D., Sickology 101, and the newest one, at the time, The Gates Mixed Plate. So I took those home and listened to them nonstop. Your song “Last Sad Song” also helped me get through one of the saddest moments of my life. My cousin had just died and with that on repeat I thought that instead of having darkness their I should just “put some light on the shelf” and I did. So thank you Tech for that and just making some of the best damn music out there. 668846993!

Well after that I invested myself in three more of your CD’s: Anghellic, Everready: The Religion, and Absolute Power. I also got Bad Season right when that shit came out! I gotta say that you are definitely the most slept on artist out there. Me and probably 5 people at my school know who you are. Other people, CLUELESS. But I’m spreading the Ninna and trying to get people to listen to REAL rap. Straight from the heart. Well to wrap things up, I also draw, and these two I attached are some of my best. I also am going to a show in Pensacola, Florida. July 31! And I can’t fucking wait! Hopefully you’ll see this and I can get you to sign these drawings, that would be the shit. But yeah in conclusion, just keep doing you Tech. Whatever you wanna write, whoever you want to collab with, do it. This is the year of the N9NE! and you should do what YOU want. STRANGEEEE MUSICCC peace!