JACKPOT: Fan Finds And Buys Early Copy Of ‘All 6′s And 7′s’ [Fan Feature]

Jun 1 2011

What started as a random stop at CD Warehouse turned into a pot of gold for one lucky Ohio fan. David Terrell now finds himself as one of the few in the world to possess a hard copy of Tech N9ne’s upcoming album All 6’s and 7’s.

Ironically enough, David visited the CD store to get a new copy of Tech N9ne’s last album K.O.D. Being a Technician with a VIP Package for All 6’s and 7’s – The Tour’s stop in Cleveland, Ohio, he wanted to make sure that he had a copy of his (formerly) favorite Tech N9ne album for the King of Darkness to sign. The previous case had suffered water damage. Upon finding the CD at the rack something else caught his eye: none other than All 6’s and 7’s. Without thinking twice or asking if it was supposed to be on sale yet, David made his move towards the register with the new album in hand: “I don’t know if was an accident–I didn’t even ask! I just took it!”

Instead of spilling the album on the internet and despite pressure from forum users on therealtechn9ne.com to do so, David is keeping the album in the CD deck, which isn’t to say that he hasn’t been playing it for everyone he knows: “I’ve been listening to it nonstop since noon. Even my neighbors that don’t like rap or Tech N9ne love it!” Further displaying his dedication to Tech, David intends to buy the album at Best Buy on 6/7 (which will include three bonus tracks and a limited edition pendant): “I kind of felt bad not getting it on 6/7 since it’s All 6’s and 7’s and it comes out on 6/7…but I had to grab it” On not leaking the album, David says:

“They’re mad because I won’t leak it–I won’t leak Tech’s shit, that’s not right! His shit doesn’t need to be leaked–he worked hard, it’s supposed to come out on 6/7!”

As for the album itself, David describes it as the best that Tech has ever done: “It’s his testament. I’m a big fan of K.O.D., but I think this tops it. That was my favorite until I heard this.” Even the negatively-anticipated track “Fuck Food” with Lil Wayne passed the test. “Wayne’s not my favorite but he was good.” “Delusional” remains David’s favorite song from All 6’s and 7’s, despite the entire album completely blowing away his expectations:

“It’s the best I’ve ever heard, I’ve never heard anything better…ever.”

While David has a new soundtrack to his life, the rest of the world eagerly awaits…

Is this fellow Technician lucky or what?! What do you think about his decision to keep the album from leaking on the internet? Will you be getting your copy at the stores or did you pre-order?