Friend Or Foe Response From Die Hard Fan [Fan Feature]

Jun 5 2011

Friend or Foe Response

I have to say I’ve read a lot of bullshit talk from Tech’s very own fans slamming him about his callabo’s on As well as I’ve read a bunch of shit on XXL from fans of mainstream artists, saying Tech doesn’t deserve to be put in the same category or going as far as saying he has no business working with artist of like Lil Wayne or Busta Rhymes. And also heard many people bashing us fans, who say we take Techs music to far because we get tattoos that represent Strange Music or its artist.


First of all nothing pisses me off more then when Techs so-called Techn9cians turning and passing judgment on him for doing callabo’s with mainstream artist. As a Techn9cian I am proud and respect Tech for taking on mainstream the way he is, I believe he will tear it to shreds. Even if mainstream don’t support Tech, it won’t matter because us DIE HARD Techn9cian “TRUE Techn9cians” WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT THE KING OF DARKNESS. Like I stated I’m happy to see Tech take on the mainstream role, so he can show the world that he is truly one of the GREATEST AND MOST INFUENTULE ARTIST OF ALL TIME, not like he has to prove shit to anyone because like I said before WE DIE HARDS KNOW AND WILLALWAYS KNOW. Tech is a TYRANT who has paved the way for a lot of great artist such as Krizz Kaliko, Brotha Lynch, Skatterman and Snug Brim, Kutt, and Big Scoob to name a few. And as far as this whole Tech not belonging in the same category with mainstream artist, all I can say is no Tech don’t belong in that category because he belongs in his own!! I’ve been to many concerts, country, rap, rock every kind of concert you can think of, and not one concert had the different diversity of fans as that of Techs concerts. (Not many artist can say or even show true talent like Tech.) He is a versatile, lyrical, monster when it comes to music, something like a POETIC GENIUS. When an artist can lay their vocals on any kind of track and make it to the top of the charts only days after it has been released, then I think it’s fair to say NO ONE CAN TOUCH HIM. Tech is Tech and will always in many of our eyes (True Fans) THE GREATEST ARTIST EVER IN MUSIC EXSISTANCE. Finally to those people who sit and talk shit about us fans tattooing our skin with the Strange Music symbols or Techs name or any tattoo symbolic to his music (not that its any of your business) but I’m sure its safe to say that we show Tech/Strange Music our support, respect and love by tattoos, just as TECH KEEPS MAKING MUSIC FOR HIS TRUE FANS. The truth is Tech has shown us (fans) so much love by touring non stop, releasing album after album, taking phone calls just so we can pledge, and his track record for doing meet and greets are greater then any other artist of that from mainstream. I can’t think of any other artist that has such an affect like Tech has had on his fans life. I am 26yrs old EMT/Administrative Assistant at a nursing home and I am one of those influenced fans. It wasn’t for Tech my friends and I probably wouldn’t be motivated to start our promo company. And with that said do I bare the STRANGE MUSIC SYMBOL ON MY BOTH WRISTS WITH PRIDE REGAURDLESS OF WHO PASSES JUDGEMENT ON ME, TECHNICIAN I AM TILL THE DAY I DIE!! And as the great TECH N9NE SAYS “IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, SORRY N SHIT!!!”