‘All 6′s and 7′s’: Mainstream Meets Underground According To 411Mania

Jun 9 2011

The release of Tech N9ne’s album, All 6’s and 7’s, has people like Bill Wannop of 411mania talking. From Tech’s collaborations, fast emceeing, and increased exposure, Wannop covers it all.

“Tech’s world was turned upside down, when from prison, Lil Wayne stated that one of the first people he would like to work with when he gets out is Tech N9ne,” said Wannop who reviewed All 6’s and 7’s online.

When Technicians caught wind of “Fuck Food,” Tech’s much anticipated song featuring mainstream artists T-Pain and Lil Wayne, fans were wondering how Tech would mesh when his underground ways collided with that of mainstream.

Needless to say, the song didn’t disappoint. Fans are even calling “Fuck Food” one of their favorite songs off the album according to comments on Wannop’s review. “Tech has stated for years that he will never go mainstream and that the mainstream will go Tech, and that is exactly what happened,” Wannop said.

Tech N9ne has stuck to his word.

Wannop even applauds Tech on his ability to combine mainstream and underground rap saying,

“…one good things about Tech N9ne is he seems to put underground artists on tracks with well-known artists and he somehow manages to find a perfect mixture.”

Being a machine gun of a spitter, Tech N9ne never slows down on this album. His rapid rhymes force his guests to keep up, including Busta Rhymes on the track “Worldwide Choppers.” This song features a total of eight other emcees besides Tech, making it the heaviest collaborated track on the entire album.

Wannop noted that Tech, “…has Busta spitting on of the best verses of his career.”

With some of Tech’s illest beats and rhymes to date, All 6’s and 7’s is hands down his best album yet.

Wannop concluded that,

“Tech N9ne was given the spotlight on this album, and he took full advantage of it. He went out a created an album that will be familiar to older fans, while securing guests and tracks that will likely welcome fans that are new to his music.”

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