From ‘Midwest’ to ‘Worldwide’ [Fan Review]

Jun 4 2011

Misery Loves Kompany. Tech N9ne is well known for his crazy rhyme schemes and speed rap, and has no problem showing his skills on this track. What makes this track, along with the other Choppers, is if your ear is tuned for it, you can understand every word that is being spit. Tech prides himself of his style of speed rap and brandishing others that can flow so fast and yet not one artist sounds like they are mashing every word together. This instantly became a favorite and only heard the first two minutes of a six-and-a-half minute track.

There’s always been a great amount of respect for Tech N9ne for everything he does for his fans and “up and coming” artists. Tech N9ne found D-Loc and Dalima to give them the opportunity to show the world their fast flows. And of course Krizz Kailiko had to get on this track and I would like to say each artist kills it. This my friends and family, is only the beginning!

Jump two years forward, and out comes Sickology 101. Now following the interweb, I already knew there was a new Midwest Choppers on this album and could not wait to hear it. With Tech’s voice distorted, He introduces the song as searching for the best of the best “tongues of all time” and then BAM! K-Dean lays out the foundation for this banger. And who better to add the concrete with Tech N9ne than Krayzie Bone? Both artists were well picked for the fastest song on the album. And to add the finishing touches Tech N9ne starts slow just to add some of his fastest rapping yet to this song. The only thing this song does at the end is leaving each and every fan hungry for more.

It’s now 2011, and Tech N9ne’s latest and greatest is a mere month away. Tech N9ne does what any artist does to help boost this album and releases a few tracks to get the fans hyped over All 6’s And 7’s. But two in one week? “Worldwide Choppers” was released mid last month on and became a huge hit within hours. “Worldwide Choppers” has, what I’d like to state, the best of the best when it comes to hard and fast rapping. The intro continues the infamous chant from “Midwest Choppers 2” and jumps right into it. Now the first two Choppers had a couple artists each but Worldwide Choppers has EIGHT insane artists blowing your ear holes away. Tech N9ne found exactly what he was looking for with Busta Rhymes, Ceza, D-Loc, JL, Twista, Twisted Insane, U$O, and Yelawolf. I find myself hitting the play button over and over soaking in everything I can each time I hear this song. Understanding each artist is only difficult if you cannot take in each word at a million miles an hour. Tech N9ne did say this album is going to be his biggest and craziest album to date and with the five tracks out so far has not been proved wrong by this statement.

So if you’re as excited as I am, the next site you’re going to right now is and pre-ordering All 6’s And 7’s. Not enough time? Get to Best Buy on 6/7/11 and get an exclusive copy with 3 unreleased songs for download and a special Tech N9ne medallion!

Technicans I’m OUT!