Oobergeek Featured On ‘All 6′s and 7′s’, Releases New Single ‘Prolem (Atmosphere)’ [Video]

Jun 22 2011

You may know Oobergeek from his multiple appearances on Tech N9ne’s records–“I Love Music” from All 6’s and 7’s being the latest. Not only is Oobergeek an extremely talented up-and-coming MC but he’s also related to the King of Darkness himself. Did this help Oob get a few spots? It certainly didn’t hurt, but upon listening to his verses on “I Love Music”, “No More Music By The Suckas” (Bad Season), and “What’s Next” (The Gates Mixed Plate), it becomes immediately clear that his appearances were far from a handout.

“I Love Music” was a track that almost missed Oobergeek, but was obviously meant to fall in the hands of the precocious 19-year-old MC:

“Tech first approached me around November of last year when he had a show in Orlando. He played me all the beats he was considering for All 6’s and 7’s and he played ‘I Love Music’ and told me he was trying to get Talib Kweli and someone else on it. So I had no intentions of even being on the track when I first heard it but I knew I would murder it if I had the chance to be on it. My father called me up like 3 months later and told me that he wanted me to be on ‘I Love Music’ so when he told me that I already had an idea of what it was about just from hearing it a while ago.”

Music started out as something to do for Oob, but since then has turned into, as he says on the All 6’s and 7’s track: “an organ in my body”:

“Oh yeah, I see myself doing this for the rest of my life. You don’t need to be in no kind of health to create music. You just have to be alive and as long as you’re living, you’re learning, so hell yeah, it’s gonna be apart of me until I leave for good.”

As for his feelings on being on an album that reached #4 on the Billboard pop charts?

“It feels great to be apart of a project like All 6’s and 7’s. I saw Lady Gaga and Adele next to Tech N9ne and I almost started crying. It was that serious and all I did was talk about how much I love music for about 45 seconds. So I can imagine how Tech felt when he saw his name’s up there, but then again, it will not be the last of success, so the asshole in me said, ‘NEXT!’ (laughs) I just thank Trav and Tech for giving me the opportunity to even get on the album. It feels like they’re my family because of all the love they show me. They’ve watched me grow up and they see the potential in me to be great.”

Now Oobergeek (a name given to himself due to his proud self-proclamation as “a big geek”) has his debut single available for the masses: “Prolem (Atmosphere)”. Also produced by Oobergeek, a current student at sound engineering school, the song started from a dark space in Oob’s life which he chose to flip into a hyper-kenetic track of restlessness and hunger.

“During the time I was creating ‘Prolem’, I was in a bad situation financially, I didn’t know if I was gonna be in my apartment after the end of the month. So i told myself, ‘This is what artists do – they turn bad situations into GREAT ones,’ and that I did. I was home alone, I made the beat, told my father about it, wrote to it, and recorded it. All this came from just being depressed and not caring about anything. So when you hear the words ‘I’ll put on my shinguards/ so yall can use a punching bag,’ I try to sound like an asshole and belittle any negative energy that’s against me, because in the end, I know I will be winning and those who keep me down, will not. Being above and being beyond the limits is the message. I wrote this song for me and anybody who feels down. It’s all about uplifting. The melody of the song may not seem like it but it’s definitely an uplifting song.”

The music is in his blood, and his talent is just beginning to blossom. If “Prolem” is any indication, we can only expect more great things to come from Oobergeek.

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A young artist explains his motivations:

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