SputnikMusic.com Dives Into ‘All 6′s And 7′s’

Jun 12 2011

Under pressure and criticism to deliver a solid album with mainstream artists, Tech N9ne has been the center of focus for nearly every music critic this week. All 6’s And 7’s gets yet another in depth review, this time from SputnikMusic.com, which delivers a track by track look at the monster record. Giving Tech credit for trying something new, the review states:

“With hip hop having a slow start in 2011 Tech N9nes “All 6s and 7s” may just be what the industry needs to get jump started again. Tech N9ne is going to get a lot of criticism for “going mainstream”. This being his twelfth studio album I would say it is about time and is a good direction for him.”

As All 6’s And 7’s continues to fly off store shelves, those are having trouble finding it can still purchase the Deluxe iTunes Edition with 3 brand new tracks and an exclusive behind the scenes video, not available anywhere else!

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