Let’s Get Tech N9ne To 1 Million ‘Likes’ On Facebook!

Jun 11 2011

If the time was ever right for the world to hear Tech N9ne, that time is now. Facing the biggest push of his career with All 6’s And 7’s, Tech N9ne is about to break through to the “Promiseland”. Fans who have followed Tech N9ne long enough know all about his struggle for the last decade. This is exactly what Strange Music was founded on, infecting the world. This is the time for all of Tech N9ne’s fans to have a hand in the monumental success of All 6’s And 7’s. Without the help of radio or television, Tech N9ne has depended on social networking to connect with his fans. Sites like Facebook allow Tech N9ne to keep you informed on the latest happenings, and directly interact with each and every one of you. Without a site like Facebook, Technicians would not be able to spread Tech N9ne’s music to friends and family.

As it stands, Tech N9ne’s Facebook is at 992,458 “likes”. That means it is just short of 1 million, and as Technicians, getting it to 1 million “likes” should be no problem! If 1 million officially knew about Tech N9ne it would expand his music to so many different areas in the world. Fans who have never seen Tech before could now take control and drive up demand for Tech N9ne in their area. How could you suggest Tech N9ne’s Facebook to friends without spamming? It’s simple, here’s a few suggestions you can use:

– Try posting a few links to Tech N9ne’s music on your News Feed. This can help get people interested, and before you know it, they want to know more about Tech N9ne.

– When sending a suggestion to Tech N9ne’s page, include a personal message for each person. People respond much better when you take the time to personalize something. Something as simple as “Hey Mike, I was listening to this earlier and thought you might be into it“.

– If your friends on Facebook already “like” artists like: Lil Wayne, Ice Cube, Kottonmouth Kings, Twiztid, or E-40, then you may want to try to suggest Tech N9ne to them. Chances are that they’ll like what they hear.

Whatever way you decide to spread Tech N9ne, just remember that everyone is part of this. Tech N9ne’s success would mean nothing without his fans. The success of All 6’s And 7’s can be measured by just taking a look at Tech’s wall on Facebook. For the last week, fans have hit up Tech on Facebook to show their love for the new album. Thanks to the convenience of Facebook, everyone can be a part of Tech N9ne’s worldwide domination.

Click here to visit Tech N9ne’s official Facebook page.

Click here to purchase All 6’s And 7’s Deluxe iTunes Edition.