Tech N9ne To UStream LIVE TONIGHT From Strange Music HQ

Jun 6 2011

Tune in tonight at 10PM CST for Tech N9ne’s All 6’s and 7’s UStream broadcast from Strange Music Headquarters! UStream has never had a broadcast like this! Strange Music will be broadcasting in the style of a live television event with quality video, sound, and multiple cameras on hand to capture the excitement of Tech N9ne’s monumental album release. This is UStream taken to the next level.

The UStream broadcast will also feature the airing of several pre-recorded pieces of footage including:

Tech N9ne will be there to answer your questions and provide commentary for the exclusive footage to be shown. Everything has been building up to this moment: tune in at 10 PM CST to witness history as Tech N9ne broadcasts for the release of All 6’s and 7’s!

Watch below at 10PM CST to Midnight! History in the making!