Cool & Dre Bring Their Hitmaking Skills To ‘Follow Me Home’

Jul 13 2011

Once called “the new Neptunes” by, Cool & Dre hit the ground running in 2004 with their production on Ja Rule’s “New York” and have steadily been making hit records ever since. With “All My Life”, Cool And Dre bring their signature soulful and elevated sound to the West Coast and give Jay Rock a smash number to close out Follow Me Home.

The Miami-duo met in high school and soon formed an R&B group called Basic Unity, which they modeled after other R&B vocal groups such as Blackstreet or Jodeci. Since no one would produce for them, this forced the duo to produce for the group themselves, and their careers as studio craftsmen began. Obviously their R&B group didn’t pan out, but the singing talents of the duo have carried over to their productions, as Cool and Dre are known to sing many hooks to accompany their soul-stirring beats. Examples of this can be found on songs such as Birdman’s “100 Million”, Terror Squad’s “Take Me Home”, and Nas’ “I’m On”.

The duo hit it big with their first successful single, Ja Rule’s “New York”, which proved to be just the thing to keep Ja Rule relevant on the charts while his career was slowly slipping due in no small part to 50 Cent’s rise and relentless assault on Ja and Murder Inc. They continued their hot streak by producing The Game’s highly-successful “Hate It Or Love It” featuring 50 the very next year, and since have produced such numbers for Lil Wayne, Kelis, Busta Rhymes and Scarface just to name a few.

Cool & Dre created the audio landscape that would help put Jay Rock on the map with the beat for “All My Life” featuring Lil Wayne and The song and video would prove to help turn Jay Rock from a up-and-coming MC from Watts, California to a household name in the rap game, the music video making a healthy circulation on BET and MTV Jams. The string-and-vocal sample combined with the hard-hitting bassline and handclap rhythm section give the song the uplifting vitality needed for Jay Rock and Lil Wayne to share their tales of coming up from the worst of circumstances.

With Cool And Dre lending their sound to Follow Me Home, expect it to be a well-rounded West Coast classic.

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