Jay Rock Talks Growing Up In Watts, California And What The Future Holds [Video]

Jul 30 2011

Jay RockTo know where you’re at you have to know where you’ve been. In this episode of The Road Home: On Tour With Jay Rock, the new face of the West Coast talks about what it was like to grow up in Watts, California and how it shaped his perceptions of manhood today.

Contrary to the expected “You never knew what was going to happen, every day was a struggle” story, Jay Rock describes his childhood as carefree. The love and support he received from his mother is only appreciated so much more as Jay has grown older with his own set of responsibilities (as reflected in the harrowing song of domestic drama “Tolerate”).

Jay talks about the future, reflecting on his endless hunger for success. The positive energy of his message is a great inspiration for project children the world over.


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