Jay Rock Speaks On Black Hippy [SM Exclusive]

Jul 23 2011

Black Hippy represents several rarities in hip hop of today. Very seldom do we see groups, and even more seldom do we see MCs using their talent to represent something other than the predominant themes that saturate the MTV and BET mainstream culture: money, cars, jewelry, etc. The collective talents of Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar, and Jay Rock form the group Black Hippy, who represent a resurgence of real talent over fluff, honesty over falsehood, and creativity over the sterile and uninspired music that makes up much of the charts.

Evidence of their brilliance can be found in Jay Rock’s video for “Say Wassup” featuring the entire group prowling various locations of Los Angeles and spitting their respective playful verses. The posse cut from Jay Rock’s Follow Me Home is a standout and is sure to create expectations for a group album.

We talked to Jay Rock to get his take on Black Hippy, how he would describe the various members, and when the fans can expect a full Black Hippy album. Here’s what he had to say.

Tell me about the members one by one. We’ll start with Ab-Soul: who is Ab-Soul?

Ab-Soul is the black-lipped bastard. I don’t know anybody that could out-rap that dude. He’s a really brother from Carson, California. He’s just amazing. He has you thinking, you know what I’m saying?

Schoolboy Q: he grew up in South Central off of 52nd. He brings that grimy, gritty, real music. He’s one of those guys that pours his all into his music too.

Kendrick Lamar he’s just that good kid from a mad city. That dude…he’s a…I can’t say he’s a martian, but if you can imagine any other life form and tie it into the rap game, that’s what Kendrick Lamar is. I call him the rap god. He’s just amazing.

Jay Rock is just that dude straight out of Watts, California, born and raised out of the Nickerson Gardens Projects trying to work his way up from the bottom to the top. Real dude, cool to work with. To know me is to love me. If you hate me you’re not doing nothing but hurting yourself. I’m just out here trying to make it and provide for my loved ones and my family.

What is Black Hippy trying to bring to hip hop?

Black Hippy is just trying to bring the game. We’re trying to bring that honesty back and that good, real music back–that’s all!

Why so little groups in hip hop as of late?

I’m not sure man! I guess people want to do their own thing I guess! I can’t really tell you about that!

How did you guys clique up?

It all started in the studio. TDE House of Pain. Me and K-Dot was there. Ab-Soul fell out of the sky, Schoolboy Q, like a genie just “poof!” appeared out of nowhere and there you have it, Black Hippy! All in all though we’re all family. We’re family before anything.

How would you categorize the members?

Kendrick Lamar is the wise one. Ab-Soul is the smart one. Schoolboy Q, him and I are reckless.

Can we expect a CD from Black Hippy anytime soon?

I know Schoolboy Q finna drop his project in late August. Ab-Soul working on his project right now. Probably at the top of the year you’ll hear something from us.

What do you think of Black Hippy? Who’s your favorite hip hop group of all time?