The Decision: Fans Purchase The Best Buy Deluxe Version Of ‘All 6′s And 7′s’

Jul 12 2011

There’s still a chance to get Best Buy Deluxe Edition of All 6’s and 7’s which includes the Strange Music Pendant and three exclusive bonus tracks!

Check out the stories of die hard Technicians who got their copy:

And this was from day one first one to get it at the store they had to grab it from the back ….haha strange ……

– Christopher Ouelette

Hey Tech, you have inspired me in many ways, and I’ve wanted a way to show my love for you and your music other than just the music itself. So I’ve been wanting a Strange Music medallion to prove it to everyone! I have wanted one since I first saw it in the online store, unfortunately I haven’t had enough money to get one for myself… But on 6/7/2011 that dream came true and the Best Buy Deluxe Edition ofAll 6’s and 7’s hit the shelves. As soon as I woke up I got ready and rode over to Best Buy as fast as I could and bought the album before it sold out! I can’t describe how proud I was to finally own a $50 piece of Strange merchandise without having to pay an extra penny for it, along with having the Kansas City King’s newest masterpiece!! I had already downloaded the album for free, but as I do, I just knew I had to support my all-time favorite rapper/chopper and buy it in person. It is by far the greatest album purchase I’ve made and I am honored to be one of the Million+ technicians on your side! I will forever be a fan of yours until the world completely goes Tech and will always support you no matter what!

– Much Love,
Willie Harris

I bought the Best Buy version with the pendant and extra songs. I got it so I could get it the day it came out and get the pendant and extra songs. I got it the day after I got my 4 wisdom teeth pulled. I didn’t want to pre-order because the post office here normally fucks up deliveries.

– Jaylen Strong