Infinity: Opening Act For Strange Music In Minneapolis Speaks On Tech N9ne, Strange Music, Epic Events Center

Jul 8 2011

Minneapolis MC Infinity finds himself with his partner Kamikazi as an opening act for the dopest hip hop show in the world, All 6’s and 7’s – The Tour. How did he get here and what does it feel like to open for an independent juggernaut to a packed crowd at the Epic Events Center? We talked to the man himself to find out.

You don’t want to miss on this hard-hitting duo.

How much of an honor is it to open for Tech N9ne and Strange Music?

It is a huge honor for us to open up for Tech . We are able to get are music exposed to thousands of fans that may not otherwise hear us. It is amazing to watch his success over the years, knowing he did it all independently.

What are some of your favorite Tech songs?

“Beast”, “Industry Is Punks”, “Riot Maker”…too many to list.

What do you think of Tech N9ne as an artist?

Tech N9ne is an inspiration to any independent artist. He did it all with no radio or video play . He showed the world you don’t need a major label or a one hit wonder to make it to the top .

What do you think of Strange Music as a label?

Strange Music is an independent powerhouse. They have a strong roster full of talented versatile artists.

Why do you think you’re the right fit as an opening act?

If you open for a Tech show, you have to have an energetic live show. Infinity and Kamikazi bring that energy and the fans see that.

What do you think of the Epic Events Center?

Epic is great, we have played there a few times. Great venue and a great place to watch a Tech show.

What do you think of the hip hop scene in Minneapolis? There’s such a strong following.

The hip hop scene is very strong here . To tell you the truth I can’t quite put my finger on why there is such a strong hip hop following here . If you’re an independent artist, Minnesota is a great place to perform .

Where can fans check out your work?

YouTube Infinity and Kamikazi. All of our songs from our last album Noise Violation are up, along with live performances and music videos .

Check out: Infinity and Kamikazi – “Act A Fool” feat. Krizz Kaliko Below

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What do you think about Infinity and Kamikazi? Do you think they’re a good fit to open for Strange Music? Have you seen them perform or have you heard their music? Thoughts!