According To Plex Reviews ‘All 6′s And 7′s’ [Video]

Jul 14 2011

Thanks to its long list of guest features and incredibly well crafted production, All 6’s And 7’s seems to have an endless amount of themes to discuss. Touted as Tech N9ne’s biggest album, it continues to spark ideas and different takes on all 24 of its tracks. Getting in line for his turn, AccordingToPlex reviewed the entire album in two separate videos that break down every single track. Giving a bit of insight and commentary on each track, he plays the album in the background to give viewers a closer look. By part two of the review, he encourages fans to pick up the album through F.Y.E. for a bonus DVD and poster. The review is just another great example of how fans can turn out to be the best reviewers.

Watch Part one and Part two below.

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