‘All 6′s And 7′s’– The Tour’- Indianapolis, IN [Update]

Aug 8 2011

The All 6’s And 7’s Tour set up shop in Indianapolis for a night at the Old National Centre on August 5. With Stevie Stone, ¡Mayday!, Jay Rock, and Kutt Calhoun each hitting the stage throughout the night, fans got a taste of everything Strange Music has to offer. Tech N9ne was then joined by Krizz Kaliko and Kutt Calhoun for his headlining performance that included Tech N9ne favorites like “Psycho Bitch”, “This Ring”, and “It’s Alive”. With only one more show to go, Tech N9ne and Strange Music made it another memorable night.

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Fan Stories

Krizz Kaliko – After first listening to Tech N9ne back in 2008 and learning that most of the first songs I love from Tech, also featured Krizz Kaliko. I quickly became a huge fan. Buying all his albums when they were released and pre-ordering S.I.C. within the first week of it being announced. Krizz Kaliko’s songs such as “Getcha Life Right” and after the release of Shock Treatment the song “Stand-By” influenced me after my discharge from the Marine Corps in 2010. Finally getting to meet him in person and see him live was a completely unbelievable experience. The most memorable outside of speaking with him, was when he threw me one of the Monsters they were throwing half way through Tech’s set, when he noticed me half way passed out on the railing. Thanks again Krizz.

Kutt Calhoun – I didn’t get much of a chance to hear much of Kutt until after my discharge from the Marines in 2010. But I bought his album Feature Presentation and was instantly hooked. “Bunk Rock Bitch” became my instant favorite. And this picture represents that. I remember when he was signing my photo book, I told him about how I would listen to that song during certain “encounters”. He laughed before we took the picture saying he was happy his song “got me some”.

Jay Rock – I met Jay Rock immediately after I met Tech at the meet and greet. I never had much of a chance to listen to his album Follow Me Home. But I knew if Tech was willing to sign him to Strange Music, I would love his music as much as anyone else’s on the label. I talked with him for about 15 – 20 minutes through the meet and greet, and apparently it stuck. Later that night during his set, he saw me standing front row near the center. And while on stage said “Hey, I remember you from earlier what’s your name again?” I proceeded to tell him my name and he then said. “That’s right, Justin. Well Justin I want you to do me a favor tonight. If any of these women holler at you after the show, I want you to tell them this for me. ‘It ain’t no fun, unless my homies get some.'”

Tech N9ne – I know the photo isn’t great. But this is an experience. I will never forget. I first heard Tech N9ne in the winter of 2008, my older brother made me a copy of Everready. As I was driving home I listened to it, never skipping a song. From “Riot Maker” to “This is Me”, Tech became my favorite music artist within the first play through of that album. With how long the line was getting, I didn’t have much time to talk to Tech. But I remember telling him how before, and after my discharge in the Marine Corps, his music was a big part of my life. And I was going to try and make him (As well as the other members of Strange Music), some Marine Corps Dog Tags. And to me, making them honorary Marines. I then showed him my Technician tattoo, he complimented it saying “It was solid, and he really liked it”. After he signed my gear, and took this photo with me, I told him I would see him later. That night, near the end of his set, I was literally about to pass out from exhaustion, the friend I brought with me was holding me halfway up. And I remember Tech looking over at me as I hung from the rail. He winked, smiled, and nodded his head at me. And I knew to him, this was a sign of happiness to see someone give everything they had, for him, and the other members of Strange Music. And to me, this was a symbol of acceptance, that I was what I have claimed to be, and that even though he may never remember my name, or even that small gesture. That made me the happiest I had ever been, since I first heard his music.

– Justin Danz

Strange Music Fam And Fan Justin Danz - Indianapolis, Indiana

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Kutt Calhoun Speaking To Crowd