'All By My Lonely' [Song]

Aug 10 2011

The opening track from Kutt Calhoun’s Red-Headed Stepchild suggests an ominous feel, as if one isn’t where he’s supposed to be. “All By My Lonely” opens with a looping melody of paranoia and uncertainty, and Kutt doesn’t shy away from this mood when he opens his verse:

I was born by my God-damned self
Way I see it, I’m going to die by my God-damned self,
Lord willing, long as I be forgiven myself
I pray to God I’m not a burden on anybody else”

Kutt’s looming voice is unlike his usual fierce delivery but makes “All By My Lonely” one of the most profound tracks on Red-Headed Stepchild. The beat from Tali Blanco shows much promise from the relatively unknown Wisconsin-based producer, as it sets a hypnotic groove for Kutt to express how fed up he is.

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