Fans Buzzing Over 'Red-Headed Stepchild' [Social]

Aug 10 2011

Kutt Calhoun - Red-Headed StepchildWith fans so eagerly anticipating new Kutt Calhoun music, Red-Headed Stepchild has become a certified hit. Featuring some of Kutt Calhoun’s best work to date, the EP solidifies Kutt as one of the strongest MCs on the Strange Music roster.

Hits like “I’m The One” and “I’m Forever” are already fan favorites, and with a new hunger in his voice, Kutt is making sure that everyone knows he is here to stay. Fans everywhere hit Twitter to share their thoughts on the brand new release from the Kansas City Chief. If their tweets are any indication, Red-Headed Stepchild is sure to go down as a Kutt Calhoun classic.

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