Independent Records In Denver, Colorado Is Down With Strange Music

Aug 28 2011

Whilst traveling down the infamous Colfax Avenue in Denver, Colorado – a street Playboy magazine once called “the longest, wickedest street in America” – make sure to follow the sounds of Strange Music blasting from Independent Records. Managed by one Quincy Owens, and his staff of 20, Independent Records is THE place for Strange Music happenings and support in the mile-high city, hosting multiple in-store signings with Tech and the Strange crew as well as constant support for the label, 365 days a year.

While record stores are a dying breed these days, Independent Records has stood on its nook on Colfax Avenue for a good 10 years now. “It’s the excitement of not knowing what you will find,” Quincy stated, that makes traditional ‘ma ‘n’ pa’ shops worth the adventure of going to the store versus online marketplaces such as iTunes and Amazon. It’s the experience as a whole – the smells, the leafing through records, the interactions with staff / other music fans that cannot be translated when one is simply clicking “add to shopping cart,” that keeps stores like Independent Records afloat in these interesting times for traditional stores.

Whenever Tech and the Strange Music crew are in town, Independent Records knows how to treat them and their loyal fans – by supporting in-store signings and meet and greets. “The fans are always VERY energetic and great, Colorado loves Tech N9ne, and anywhere he goes, he is welcome,” Quincy says, and judging by the lines to get into the store during in-stores, he is most definitely speaking the truth.

So what can the connoisseur of Strange expect on a normal day, when there is no in-store? “Currently, fans will be greeted by both Jay Rock and EuroTech displays,” he added, “we always have some kind of display up for fans, as well as any new album playing on our listening stations.” Fans should hurry for Strange Music merchandise, as it was revealed that the store only has about one shirt left out of 50 (!), and that the sweatshirts, flags, and stickers all go rather fast.

When asked if he had anything to say to the Strange Music community, Quincy said

“Just keep supporting them, and never forget the underground – keep the underground going and thriving, and that will make the industry change. Right now it’s all starting to sound like electronic music, and it’s supposed to be hip-hop.”

So the next time you are a mile high and craving a dose of Strange Music, make sure you check out Independent Records at 937 East Colfax Avenue – you may just run into the Strange Music crew.

Independent Records can be reached at (612) 869-1070 and is located in Denver, Colorado.

Independent Records - Strange Music In-Store Signing

Written by Jason Ours