SM Live – Would You Marry For Money?

Aug 26 2011

Anna Nicole Smith And Billionaire J Howard MarshallThere have been many famous instances of women marrying for money. Of course the parties involved insisted that it was true love, but the rest of us knew better. Take Anna Nicole Smith (RIP) with her marriage to oil billionaire J Howard Marshall, a man 62 years her senior. Was it love? Doubtful. Did she end up with a lot of money? Yes. (Did she lead a happy and healthy life with all that money? Eh…)

  • Would you marry for money?
  • What makes people want to marry for money?
  • If you were an old-timer with a lot of money, would you marry a beautiful partner, knowing that they probably just want your money?

Makzilla and SM Live will discuss this and much more!

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