Flipping The Pages Of ‘I’m The White Guy’ [Book Review]

Aug 18 2011

I'm The White Guy: The Tech N9ne EditionTech N9ne’s long and illustrious career has been the subject of headlines, documentaries, and even television programs. His unique tale of success on the independent scene has made for an inspiring source for many writers. From the days of Anghellic to reaching #4 on Billboard with All 6’s And 7’s, Tech N9ne has always been sincere and an open book when it comes to his fans. For journalist and author Soren Baker, Tech N9ne’s accomplishments became something that would fuel his own in the world of journalism and music media. With his book, I’m The White Guy: The Tech N9ne Edition, Soren Baker sought to give readers a close look at his relationship with Tech N9ne and an even closer look at his career in journalism as he maneuvered through the hip hop industry. An outsider because of his race, Soren Baker would soon prove that the “white guy” could hang.

Written as a digital release, the book itself is a rather short read. Most fans will probably appreciate the short length, as Soren is pretty concise with his style. The opening of the book finds Soren Baker coming across Tech N9ne’s music for the very first time, and in a twist of fate, Soren ends up at the official photoshoot for the Anghellic album. With such a great first experience, Soren takes readers into the eventful encounter with Tech N9ne. For new fans, it’s a wonderful look back at what was happening during the Anghellic era, and how Strange Music operated at the time. During his time with Tech, Soren discusses the various things that he found unique about the Kansas City MC, and just how charismatic he can really be. At times, it can be like sitting in the room listening to Tech speak.

It’s important to point out that this is far from a biography on Tech N9ne. In fact, Tech is not always the focus of the book. Instead, it’s a special look from the outside at the success of Tech and Strange Music, with Soren’s own struggles mixed in. Insecure and shaken at times, Soren sincerely discusses his wins and fails within the world of music. Just as Tech N9ne had mixed feelings over not being embraced by the black community, Soren faced a similar dilemma with the world of hip hop. An accomplished writer and TV producer, Soren explains how he could feel the rejection from those who did not take him seriously. The comparisons drawn between Soren and Tech tie in everything, and as both rose to success, they found themselves meeting again and again.

Soren’s book touches on the eras of Anghellic, Everready: The Religion, and Killer. Readers learn how Soren’s constant efforts to support Tech N9ne in the media led to his involvement in Tech’s DVD releases and even a contribution to Everready: The Religion. Although an insider to everything, Soren depicts events from the perspective of a fan and leaves any condescending tones out of the book. This is what allows Soren to make a special connection with readers and Tech N9ne fans. It’s like experiencing everything through the eyes of an excited Tech N9ne fan. Soren Baker may only consider himself the “white guy”, but in this case, he’s been the guy campaigning for Tech N9ne and after years of support, his book is great send off to the naysayers.

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Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music

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