Tech N9ne Reveals The Ladies Behind ‘I Want You For Myself’ [Social]

Aug 9 2011

It’s no secret that Tech N9ne has an insatiable appetite for the opposite sex. From raunchy lust driven anthems like “F**k Food” to seductive tracks like “Enjoy”, Tech has always found time to dedicate to the beautiful women of the world. As Tech recently revealed over Twitter, much of his inspiration comes from real women he admires. Tech gave fans a behind the scenes look at his writing process for 2008’s “I Want You For Myself” when he revealed the individual women who inspired each verse. Just what kind of woman would it take to inspire Tech N9ne’s music? As it turns out, it took six different women from the entertainment industry to drive the words to “I Want You For Myself”. While Tech tweeted them one by one, fans were surprised to see that Halle Berry, Jennifer Esposito, Alicia Keys, Milla Jovovich, Taral Hicks, and Lil Kim were all at the center of Tech’s world for the track. Tech explained that every eight bars was a dedication to each woman he listed, going in order from Halle Berry to Lil Kim. A closer listen to the track and fans can hear all of the different references that Tech makes to each lady. Never the one to think small, Tech was obviously looking to go into overtime with “I Want You For Myself”.

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