It Was All A ‘Blur’…Or Was It? [Discussion]

Feb 29 2012

Tech N9ne - 'KLUSTERFUK'KLUSTERFUK EP takes listeners on a hazy and disoriented ride through a jigsaw of events that were nothing more than, well, a blur. While Tech N9ne may not exactly recall the night, the story that unfolds on “Blur” reveals clues that connect the track to a series of wild tweets from Tech N9ne this past winter.

Some readers may recall that this past December, Tech N9ne took to Twitter to share some of his funniest and most ridiculous tweets yet. Tweeting from the “porcelain throne,” Tech shared his massive hangover after a night of celebrating. Running back through these tweets, things start to make sense when compared to the lyrics on “Blur”.

Check out these connections between the tweets and the lyrics:

  • “Blur” – “Woke up got sick” – Indication that Tech was feeling less than spectacular on this morning. With all of the photos of Tech struggling with dry heaves, this is more than likely the hangover.
  • Blur” – “Busted is my top lip” Probably the biggest hint given on “Blur” is Tech’s discovery of a busted lip, which he shared in the series of tweets with “AND I got a split open top lip!”
  • Almost as if to give fans a hint at what is to come, Tech actually used the phrase “Sorry about the blur, but I’m woozy!” on Twitter. Could this have been Tech’s way of carefully giving the fans a prediction about his next release?

Without direct confirmation, it’s hard to pinpoint which events took place on that very night, but it’s hard to ignore the various connections between the lyrics and the tweets. Thanks to a little help from Twitter, fans may finally have a little more insight into just what took place on that blurry night.

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Check out the tweets below!

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  • Have you ever had a night like this from Caribou Lou or KC Tea?

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