Steel ‘Ooo Wee’ Featuring Kutt Calhoun [Music Video]

Sep 28 2011

Kutt Calhoun in Steel's "Ooo Wee" Music Video

If there’s one thing Kutt Calhoun knows about, it’s letting loose in the club. The Kansas City Chief brings his Charlie Sheen with him on Steel’s “Ooo Wee” music video. The smooth and radio friendly hit jams with an autotune hook along with a brand new Kutt Calhoun feature that runs away with the spotlight. The wild music video features Kutt Calhoun with Steel, Stevie Stone, Liquid Assassin, and Black Pegasus as they search for the perfect spot to bring the party to. A few pairs of sunglasses later and the crew is set up inside club with all of the essentials for a night of debauchery. The drinks flow and the women glow inside Club Ooo Wee. Like always, Kutt Calhoun brings it Raw And Un-Kutt.

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