Fans React To Young Bleed’s ‘Holla At Uh Dog’ Music Video [Social]

Sep 16 2011

Young Bleed - "Holla At Uh Dog" Music Video

It’s official, Young Bleed has arrived with his first Strange Lane music video. “Holla At Uh Dog” is the first single to come out of Preserved, and the official music video was premiered exclusively on Taking viewers through the dangerous Baton Rouge territory, the music video is an ode to all things Southern. With the potential to become a smash single for Preserved, “Holla At Uh Dog” has already become a hit with fans. Following the video’s premiere, fans hit Twitter with positive feedback for the first Strange Lane music video. Young Bleed is about to take things to another level with Strange Lane, and if “Holla At Uh Dog” is any indication, it won’t be long before we see Young Bleed match the success from his days in the mainstream.

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Young Bleed-Preserved