Jay Rock Weighs In On Mayweather Controversy [Social]

Sep 21 2011

Jay Rock Weighs In On Mayweather vs. Ortiz

On September 17, world famous boxing star Floyd Mayweather Jr. made his return to the ring in a bout against Victor Ortiz for the WBC Welterweight title. What was expected to be a typical slug out between two athletes, quickly turned into one of the most controversial matches ever televised. In the fourth round, Ortiz delivered an intentional headbutt to his opponent which caused the referee to momentarily pause the fight to deduct a point. As he called for the fight to continue, the confusion still remained and Ortiz moved in to apologize to Mayweather, who responded with a left and right hit combo that left Ortiz stunned. The referee quickly called the fight in Mayweather’s favor after the exchange, which came into question due to Ortiz letting his guard down during what was thought to be a time out.

The controversial end of the fight created a huge buzz online as fans hit Twitter to share their thoughts. Never one to shy away from controversy, Jay Rock took to Twitter to express his own feelings on the matter. An obvious Mayweather fan, Jay Rock jokingly supported the fighter and his actions. Whether or not it was fair is a matter of opinion, but at least we know where Jay Rock stands on the end result. Just like the fight, Jay Rock pulls no punches when it comes to his opinion.

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