Fan Writes A Song To Show Appreciation For His Strange Necklace [Fan Feature]

Sep 15 2011

For years, fans of Strange Music have been showing their appreciation in many different ways. From the music itself to tattoos brandished on the bodies of many fans, the movement spreads through the eyes and ears of many. To help this spread, Strange Music offers a wide variety of merchandise for fans to sport wherever they go. One of the most valued items among Strange fans is the Snake and Bat Pendant. While most fans share the love for their Strange Music pendant by letting others know what its about and where to purchase one, 19-year-old Lyrix, from Virginia Beach, decided to show his appreciation for his Strange pendant via the art of song. Lyrix states, “Just because I’m not signed by Strange, doesn’t mean I’m not strange.”

When asked his reason for writing the song, ‘My Strange Necklace’, Lyrix replied:

“First off, I love the Chain. It represents everything that is music, and music is a huge part of my life. It’s gotten me through so many tough times and hopefully my music can help others the way that Strange Music has helped me. So when I see a Strange necklace, it to me is a physical representation of a huge part of my life. “

He went on to say,

“I have been a fan ever since I got a dose of Strange Music, and I plan on staying a loyal fan until the day I die. To me, Strange Music is more than just music, it’s more of a mind state, or a way of life. I love the fact that they never stop pushing and striving for greater things, all together not putting anybody before the fans and family that support them.”

Lyrix said the first time he had heard any music from Strange Music was about three-and-a-half years ago.

“The first time i heard anything by Strange Music I knew they had their shit on lock and was the real deal, and that pretty much opened the door for me and had me hooked instantly.”

Listen to “My Strange Necklace” below:

It’s always interesting to see the different ways fans show appreciation. What have you done? And what will we see next?

– Written by Cyndi Grant