SM Live: Is Honesty The Best Policy? With Special Guest Twisted Insane

Sep 16 2011

Is honesty always the best policy? Is it ever okay to lie? If so, when?


  • Lying to prevent further argument: “I’m fine” upon the question “What’s wrong?” could stop a bigger problem from happening, a full-blown argument over something very little that could pass with a little space and time.
  • Lying to calm someone that is frantic: “You’re going to be okay” to a wounded soldier on the battlefield…the sense of calm this instills could actually save the person’s life, or at the very least, let them die in good spirits.
  • Lying to protect a child’s imagination or innocence: Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, how babies are born, etc.
  • Pleasantries: “Oh it’s no problem at all” when in fact, it IS a problem to take so and so to the airport, cover their shift, loan them five dollars, etc.–but why make them feel bad if you’ve already granted them a favor?

Makzilla and special guest Twisted Insane (the last feature on Tech N9ne’s fast-spitting anthem “Worldwide Choppers”) will address this and more on another relevant and entertaining episode of SM Live!

Show starts at 4PM CST!

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