SM Live Episode 35: Why Do We Share Everything About Ourselves On The Internet?

Sep 28 2011

SM Live With MakzillaIn this day and age, when people often feel the need to share the smallest and most irrelevant detail of their lives, it is often said that “privacy is the new celebrity.” This begs the question, why is it that we feel the need to share everything about ourselves on Facebook and Twitter? Has Facebook turned us into a narcissistic culture, or are we simply adopting new cultural standards? Ask yourself the following questions…

– Who cares what you had for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Why do people always need to broadcast what they had to eat?

– So you’re on vacation in a different city for whatever reason. Is it really that important to you to make sure that everyone knows where you are and how much of a good time you’re having? If you’re having such a good time, wouldn’t you be able to simply enjoy life without showing out?

– Do we truly expect the world to care about all of our problems, and is this expectation unreasonable?

This complex and widespread social issue will be tackled in this week’s episode of SM Live with Makzilla!

Our special guest for this week is Scott Ginsberg, author, social media guru, and self-promotional wizard, aka “Scott The Nametag Guy.”

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