Young Bleed Talks Signing To Strange Lane [Exclusive]

Sep 11 2011

With his album Preserved slated to be the debut release from Strange Lane, Young Bleed is ready to take his career back to the throne that he held with the success of My Balls and My Word.

We talked to Bleed to get his insight on how this move came to be, what he hopes it will do for his career, and what he plans to bring back to hip-hop.

Bleed’s answers reflected a man that has been around the block and back when it comes to the music business, and is anxious to gear up for a explosive return to the forefront of the industry.

How did it happen that you became signed to Strange Lane?

It go way back when I first came in the industry side of the game. 1997 I was dealing with Master P and No Limit Records at the time. Master P got me a deal over there at Priority Records and I became good friends with Dave Weiner. We became good partners and remained friends over the years. He had his ups and downs, and I had my ups and downs in the industry. We hadn’t talked in a ten year span. I was doing some work with some guys in Kansas City that was up on Strange. They were trying to get a situation over there and ran into Dave. Long story short, I had some material on that album that they presented to him. I reached back to him through those guys and in about a year-and-a-half we rekindled. Since then we talked about what kind of situation I was in, and I had a few things I was tied into at the time, but when everything fell short I ended up with Strange Lane.

What are you hoping that this move will do for your career?

I’m trying to pick up where I left off years ago for different reasons, so on and so forth. Just trying to really top off and give the fans some closure, as well as myself as far as what I started with Priority, No Limit, and record companies before. It’s been my life dream to be a recording artist–rap music in particular. I really just want to get back to my plateau. Top off pretty good and let the rest do what it do, y’know?

What are you going to bring to hip hop that it’s missing?

Reality again, some substance, cause and effect and just give it true meaning as far as the roots of hip hop: where it came from, where it is at in the present day, and in my opinion, where it should go as far as next level. Really bringing it back to its roots–something old and something new.

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