2Face Shares His Story Of Meeting And Performing For Tech N9ne

Sep 13 2011

A lot of Strange Music fans have an interesting story to tell but very few get the exciting opportunity to open for Tech N9ne. One fan in particular has not only had the opportunity to open for Tech but he’s also opened for other popular artists like Head P.E., House of Pain, and many others. He’s also performed at The Gathering of the Juggalos the past five years. Dean Ray, or as his fans know him best, 2Face, has taken a childhood filled with pain and transformed it into inspiration for every track he writes.

From the time he was a child, 2Face has endured emotional pain that would have driven others mad. In his own words, he describes what it was like growing up and how he turned those scars into a successful music venture.

“I was born in Hollywood, FL. My dad was never there for us and my mom moved around a lot. When I was 10 years old, my mother was diagnosed with cancer which she is still fighting to this day. She was ultimately forced to put me into foster care so from the time I was 10 until I turned 18, I stayed alone. With no friends and no social life, I ended up moving around some more. At 18, I was kicked out and until I turned 22 I was homeless, living couch to couch and moving from job to job. It was around that time I started taking my music to the next level and started opening for big names like Hed P.E., House of Pain, Mushroom Head, and Tech N9ne. Right after that I put out my album In Odd We Trust and went on a national tour with Miss Kisa and Psychojesus. I’ve always felt so much pain but when I’m on stage, when I’m 2Face, I just feel so much love. It’s been my life support and the main thing that’s kept me going all these years”

Opening up for Tech and meeting him backstage after a set, was one of the most inspiring moments for 2Face. He describes the first time he met Tech.

“I met Tech when I opened for him with my boy D-Murder. We were already pumped up because we had done really well with merchandise sales besides the fact that we were opening for Tech N9ne! While we were standing backstage, he walked up to us and said ‘Like what ya’ll are playin’. That’s what’s up!’ Then he shook our hands. He is a real humble guy and it was something I’ll never forget.”

Lucky for today’s devout Technicians, Tech offers an incredible VIP package that includes a meet and greet with him and the rest of the Strange Music crew as well as autographed merchandise and other sick swag.

With a style all his own, 2Face has hit the underground rap scene with a vengeance. In the 6 years he’s been professionally rapping, he’s taken his hometown of Orlando, Florida by storm.

You can learn more about 2Face by joining him on Facebook.