Fan Wonders: ‘Is Tech N9ne’s Best Work Behind Him?’

Sep 13 2011

Tech N9ne Fan Wonders If His Best Days Are Behind HimTech N9ne is one of the rare artists that has actually progressed in flow, technique, delivery, and content throughout his entire career. One fan wonders, was he better when he started, or is he better now?

In this video the fan argues that the production of Don Juan and Midwestside Records is the true sound of Kansas City: “It’s a wonderful kind of sound” he says, citing that 90% of producers in Kansas City were influenced by Don Juan in one way or another. Therefore, his argument is for Tech N9ne’s older work as opposed to the new, such as The Calm Before The Storm, which is in his eyes, “straight mob shit.”

To his credit, the fan rounds out his viewpoint, and cites that Seven is a “cold-ass producer”, and gives Tech props on the movement that he has created, despite being a fan of his beginning work.

His bottom-line: He’s got to give it up to Tech because “that nigga go hard”, but says that the “Midwest sound” from his old stuff needs to be brought back, because it is missing from his new stuff.


What do YOU think!? Do you think there truly is a “Midwest sound” that is missing from Tech’s work of today? Leave your thoughts below!