Strangers Save Lives! [Fan Feature]

Sep 4 2011

Toby And Sam CarlsonImagine you are an eight-year-old child and see your daddy go into a diabetic-induced seizure, shaking and vomiting. What would you do? Would you breakdown and cry or would you sprint into action? Would you even know how to respond?

Luckily for Mr. Toby Carlson, his eight-year-old daughter Sam knew exactly what to do and had the spirit to get things done when his blood sugar dropped to 22 (normally it’s between 80-120)!

She rushed to his aid and immediately grabbed the phone to call her mom for help. There was only one huge problem; his iPhone was locked with a passcode!

As luck would have it, she had wanted to play a game on his phone the day before, and Toby told her it was 6688. To most people this number would be insignificant but to a die-hard Tech N9ne fan that number means a lot. It’s the beginning of 6688846993. Having exposed his daughters to Tech this was easy for her to remember and in this case Nnutthowze was a lifesaver. If it hadn’t been for something so special she very well could have forgotten his passcode and things could have turned for the worse.

After calling her mom, she got Toby a sandwich and a bucket then called her great-grandfather, grandmother and aunt for additional help.

They would soon arrive but not without more work to be done. The courageous little girl got her dad some candy and went to put a movie on for her three- and five-year-old sisters downstairs so they would be occupied. She went back and forth between keeping them safe and making sure Toby stayed awake.

Once help arrived she promptly filled them in and continued to lead the way.

She instructed them to make some Kool-Aid with lots of sugar and showed them where Toby had his shot in the fridge. She helped him up so he could drink it and showed the helpers how to disconnect his insulin pump.

To top it all off, as they all worked to keep him up, Sam broke off and went to clean up some of his vomit.

Sam is a hero and this story is about her as much as it’s about Toby.

Toby and his wife Beth live with their daughter’s ages eight, five and three in Idaho Falls, Idaho. They are a close family and enjoy fishing and playing baseball together. Toby works in sales for Quest/CenturyLink and enjoys collecting Strange memorabilia and CDs.

He has been a Technician since 2000 when he stumbled upon Tech N9ne’s The Calm Before The Storm and The Worst at a Hastings in Bozeman, MT for 99 cents each! There were five copies of each and he bought them all.

On the way home he listened to them with his wife and he fell in love with Tech’s delivery and sound. The next year he had to special order Anghellic because his town was “country” and “This Ring” solidified his love for the N9na. His favorite Strange album is K.O.D. because of its dark realism.

His favorite artist on Strange is Krizz Kaliko. Toby first met him on tour with Bone Thugs and DMX at the Civic Center in Idaho Falls. He was working security and was pulled by Big Nick to work backstage. While he was back there Krizz sat with him shooting the shit. All of a sudden Krizz said, “got to go” and bounced. 20 minutes later he came back with Big Nick, a bunch of food and beer!

Toby and his wife work hard to raise their three girls and have incorporated Strange’s work ethic and desire into the lessons they teach their girls. That clearly shows when their 8 year old can step up the way she did and show others how to get things done.

Strange Music is more than just a record label, it’s a way of life. If you combine this with love and devotion to your children, the hard work pays off, especially when those children save your life!

Strength is within us all and thanks to the Strange Music movement people of all ages from all over the world are finding it in themselves to do extraordinary things. Whether it is through parent or child, teacher or student, man or woman, we are all thankful for what Strange has given us.

Let’s all show our love for Sam and leave a comment for her. Also, throw Toby a kind word as he is still recovering from his seizure.

Stay up Strangers!

– Written By John Nelmar