Am I A Psycho? – Fans Show Off Their STRANGE Costumes [Social]

Oct 31 2011

Following the Halloween weekend, fans had plenty to show off. Technicians everywhere looked to Strange Music for a little bit of inspiration when it came to their Halloween costumes. The Caribou Lou must have been pouring because these fans went all the way into Strangeland for their unique and completely wild looks!

Check out these fan photos:

Strange Music Hamster?! - Fan Photo

The K.O.D. Chief - Fan Photo

Strange Couple - Fan Photo

All 6's And 7's Face Paint - Fan Photo

Killer Clown? - Fan Photo

Tech N9ne Costume - Fan Photo

Tech N9ne -The STAIN - Fan Photo

Sickology 101 - Fan Photo

Juggalo Couple - Fan Photo

Strange Pimp - Fan Photo

Sickology 101 - Fan Photo

The King Of Darkness - Fan Photo

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