Fans Show Out For Young Bleed On Facebook [Social]

Oct 4 2011

Fans Hit Facebook To Show Love For Young BleedYoung Bleed continues to take advantage of his time with Strange Music fans. The Strange Lane MC has been making good use of Twitter and Facebook to connect with his new audience, all the while he’s been on the road meeting fans in person.

With social media allowing fans to directly interact with their favorite artitsts, it’s not surprising that Young Bleed has received a huge response on Facebook. Fans from all over the country have been leaving comment after comment on Young Bleed’s official Facebook. Young Bleed’s Strange Lane debut is less than a week away, and it looks like fans are eager to see what the Louisiana native has in store.

Check out what fans are saying about Young Bleed on Facebook:

“For the past couple of days whilst driving to work “How Ya Do Dat Again” always seems to creep on Shade 45 on Sirius… def feelin it Bro… got that bumpin and shoutin STRANGE MUSIC out the window… got love for yall in Philly”

“We fucks wit Young Bleed 4 Life!!! WHO DO’s IT???”

“Yo, it was hella tight chattin witchu on the phone last night. I was super gone off admiral nelson, but ur for real and I’m glad I HOLLA’D AT UH DOG! Keep it Strange, homie.”

“Thanks for taking the time earlier to give my son Josh Laubsch and I autographs!!”

“aye thanks for comin through Vintage Stock and showin love! mos def made my night man!”

“Loving the new music videos, can’t wait till Preserved drops big dawg!”

“Bleed homie…ive been listening to u since my balls and my word…how you do dat…i still bump that shit”

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