The Strange Music VIP Experience: Fans Share Their Story

Oct 21 2011

Tech N9ne And Street Teamer - Strange Music VIP

I’d like to share my VIP experience.

I’m from New Orleans, Louisiana and Tech N9ne has actually never had a show down in this part of the country. As a big Tech fan, this is a huge disappointment especially because I know he puts on one hell of a show. However, I found my opportunity this past summer on the All 6’s and 7’s tour. I have family that lives in Miami and when I went to visit them with the rest of my family, it happened to coincide with Tech N9ne’s show at the Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale (about 45 minutes from Miami). As soon as I saw this opportunity I jumped at it. The show was at the end of July; I purchased my tickets in mid-April. VIP of course. As my anticipation grew as the date approached, I could barely wait to finally experience a Tech N9ne concert. I got there 45 minutes before the Meet N Greet opened (3rd person in line) and met with everyone. I have to say that the Strange crew is some of the most humble and down to earth people I’ve ever met. The way they talked to me, appreciated everything I said, and just had conversations with you like you’ve known them forever impressed me beyond belief. They appreciated any complements about any of their music and always thanked you for supporting them. I was wowed by their humility. After the Meet N Greet I showed back up for the show at 615 (the concert didn’t start until 730 or 8) and was first in line for VIP. I got in the front row and experienced all the acts up close and personal throughout the whole show. All I have to say is that the energy at the show was absolutely beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. The excitement in the crowd was awesome. The setlist was awesome. I had absolutely no complaints, no regrets, it was the best music experience of my life. My ears rang for the next two days and I loved it. The next time Tech comes anywhere remotely close to where I am, you better believe I’ll be purchasing a VIP ticket as soon as they go on sale.

Cal Abadin

I have been attending Tech N9ne concerts since 2007 when I came across his music through a friend. I was instantly hooked (you all know what I mean). I immediately began buying the backdated albums to hear it all and understand the transformation his music was taking. I attend every Tech show within 300 miles of my hometown of Cincinnati, OH, and I got VIP every time.

Why go VIP? I mean, you get to see Tech’s life-changing performance and stage show for $30, why would I pay $100 or $125? Although I already have an extensive collection of Strange Music memorabilia, the merch that comes with VIP is great! The items in it are a lower price than buying them all online, and you get copies of the newest Strange Music CD released. I already have copies of all the CDs that come in the box from preorder sales, but having an extra copy allows me to give the CD to a friend to spread the word about Strange Music. It’s been working so far!

Aside from the merch, the real value is in meeting the Strange Music roster. You really feel the intimacy of an independent record label when you meet the artists, especially when the artists have a sincere love for their fans. Every time I meet Tech, Krizz, Kutt and all the others I treat it like my first time. I respond to their music and reassure them that the true fans are still out there.

– Matt Scheer

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