Addiction To Great Music [Fan Feature]

Oct 22 2011

“Tingling baby got me feeling like mingling baby, this is hella higher learning than singleton baby. One minute I’m cold, next one I’m heat. Get me some big red, so I don’t grind my teeth.” – “T9X”, Absolute Power

Tech is infamous for songs with smooth, sexy beats that make you want to take your clothes off and slither, and if you happen to be tripping, you can feel them tingle up your spine, sway your hips, and lock your brainstem into a true Strangeland. “T9X”, “Trapped in a Psychos Body”, “Poisonous”, “Shadows on the Road”, just to name a few off the top of my head, if you know these songs, if you have ever felt these words captivate you like I have, you know Tech must have been tripping something serious.

It’s hardly possible these days to go to a show, where someone isn’t under the influence of something. Hip Hop shows are famous for alcohol, ecstasy, coke, marijuana, and many other kinds of drugs. Drugs are highly influential, to singer/songwriters and artists all over.

Jason Logsdon of English, Indiana, an artist of sorts, and die-hard Tech fan, going back to K.O.D., is one of the many who likes to open his mind, and let the music creep inside and give him I would like to think and might be able to relate too, a sense of a deeper understanding of the music that leaks from the mouths of the artists on Strange Music.

Jason attended his first Tech show 4 years ago, in Louisville, Kentucky, while only under the influence of alcohol. While Tech spits many a verse about alcohol and drugs, and have many songs like “KC Tea”, and “Caribou Lou”, I have found and experienced that mixed drinks at the shows are often almost necessary, but never anything close to as good as they should be. It’s rare to find a venue that will serve 151 Bacardi Rum, with a “Caribou Lou”. If you have ever listened to “Riot Maker” you would understand why.

An event that Jason describes to me of his substance induced state-of-mind played out to me like this; he built a circus style tent, and him and three buddies of his, indulged in a wide range of drugs, including marijuana, whippettes, whiskey, and some other unmentionables that I have decided to leave unnamed.

“Seriously we listened to Sickology for a month, every night one November. I didn’t sleep the whole month. I don’t remember that November,” says Jason.

“Dysfunctional” by Tech N9ne, is Jason’s all time favorite. His response to this song and how it makes him feel,

“Tech can be my cult leader any day!” A statement we have heard from many a Technicians worldwide.

Strange Music has had us gripped for years because of the emotional connection that Tech N9ne has with his fan base. Strange will never forget their fans, and he has proved that time and time again. This is why Jason loves everything Strange is about. It’s real.

“My impression of Tech N9ne and Strange Music, no one comes close to the quality of their work. When I heard ‘Riot Maker’ I was like blown the fuck away, but then the entire K.O.D. shit was how I feel on a daily basis. I will always be a Tech fan because his music speaks to me in ways no one else’s shit does. Yes, I’m calling everything else shit. Strange Music are the only mother fuckers making music now a days.” A statement that I can agree with wholeheartedly, everyone is competing with Strange Music these days, but we all know, no one can truly touch the talent that Tech has tapped into.

We choose to pop our pills, smoke our shit, or whatever it is that gets us to where we want to be. But when it comes down to it, we all do it for the same reason. We all want to be on some level as close to the experience that we hear in many songs that Tech has put out there for us. A night of pure ecstasy you might say, as Strange Music crawls into our inner lobe. The music alone is a drug enough.

The blood, the sweat, the tears, every range of emotion so obviously behind every well chosen word, makes our connection to Tech that much more personal, that much more real, and breeds the greatest and most admiring fans. Tech has definitely put in his time, worked his overtime, and still puts out more music than any recorded artist I have ever listened to. I say, “Do what you got to do to get you to your level, sober or not, Tech will always put on the best show I have ever seen, and writes words that easily shadow a dark soul like mine.”

Tech has produced an army of addicts, addicted to his music, his movement, and everything that Strange represents. Isn’t that the best kind of drug in the world? Getting high off the fans that will always stand by your side, Tech has the best drug in the world: satisfaction.

Written by Marissa Knight