POLL: Who Shreds Strange Music The Best? [Video]

Oct 14 2011

Strange Music Guitar CoversA “Rock and Roll” [brother] like Tech N9ne is no stranger to electric guitars: they are a common instrument in his musical pallete, being a self-described fan of Rock and Roll such as The Doors, Slipknot, and Dirty Wormz just to name a few. Here are some videos of some Strange Music shredders putting it down to some of their favorite songs in Tech N9ne’s catalog.

Who shreds the best? Judge based on the following criteria:

  • Technique: How hard was the playing?
  • Tone: Does the guitar sound good and does the tone do justice to the song?

“If I Could” by

“Riot Maker” by luckyshotgun

“Leave Me Alone” by onceforgotten09