Angelo’s In Colorado Keeps It Strange

Nov 5 2011

Known for being the third most populous city in Colorado and 2007’s Sports Illustrated magazine’s “Sportstown”, the city of Aurora is also becoming nationally known for another reason.

Angelo’s, a music chain consisting of two other local stores founded by the same owner, has been going strong for over twenty years and while they’re very popular among the citizens of Aurora, the store has been supporting Strange Music since the beginning.

“We started selling Strange Music back in 1999. Tech N9ne’s first release of Anghellic when he was still on Interscope Records. It did really well; people responded to it the music greatly. We’ve just been supporting him ever since. We even started selling Strange Music merchandise [such as shirts and accessories] in 2005.”

When talking with Aaron, Angelo’s music buyer, he talks highly of his job (which includes a thirty minute commute) and the products his store sells. Aaron selects what music comes into the store, including new releases; restock among the three stores and shipping products. He shares the diversity in the music that comes into the store, which has included in-stores with E-40, Too Short, ABK, System of a Down, Gwar, and of course, the King of Darkness himself. No wonder why we’ve been continuing to hear about Angelo’s among the music world, climbing fast as another Sam Goody or F.Y.E.

With the recent successful release of the anticipated All 6’s And 7’s, you can expect the next release of the third collabos by Tech N9ne, Welcome To Strangeland, to create create enormous feedback from the fans and media itself. Angelo’s is ready for the fan response when it happens on November 8th, overwhelming demands and orders among the three stores is expected. This is Tech N9ne’s second highly awaited release in the same year, what more could a Technician ask for from a Strange artist?

“I’m always interested in the next new project that Tech N9ne or Strange Music is releasing.” -Aaron

With Denver and Littleton only being twenty-three minutes apart, they are no stranger to Technicians. Tech N9ne visits Denver at least once and sometimes twice or more a year, boosting popularity with every visit and creating massive record sales for the Strange crew. Tech N9ne will always perform in Colorado, and with Aaron saying they see Strange in Angelo’s future, Denver is definitely apart of Strangeland, taking Aurora along with for the ride.

– Strange Music Blog Contributor Kariesa Sawdon