Kutt Calhoun 'I'm The One' Music Video [Video]

Nov 1 2011

Kutt Calhoun - "I'm The One" Music Video

Just as he promised fans, Kutt Calhoun finally released his official music video to “I’m The One” featuring JL of B Hood.

The aggressive hit from Red-Headed Stepchild gets another go at the spotlight with this electric music video. Shot inside a lit up club, “I’m The One” goes in heavy with the drinks, dancing, and neon lights for a livewire performance from Kutt Calhoun and JL of B Hood. Fast paced and more colorful than Kutt’s flows, the music video is a great watch that will have your senses buzzing like shots to the head. Stay tuned for more videos from Kutt Calhoun!

Click here to watch or scroll down below.

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