Strange Music Fan Converts People All Over PA [Fan Feature]

Nov 11 2011

Jamie Snyder

The trip from Tech N9ne’s hometown of Kansas City, Missouri to Northeast Pennsylvania is a little over 1000 miles: a far way for any person to travel, but a short hop for the powerful lyrical genius of Tech N9ne. The sounds of Tech and the rest of the Strange Music family found their way to Jamie Snyder’s ears in the early stages. Jamie Snyder was an average kid during his freshman year of high school in 2006 when he first heard Tech’s banger “I’m a Playa” and has been hooked ever since.

“I loved it right away because Tech’s flow and patterns were like nothing I’ve ever heard before. He just has some kind of insanity in his raps that you can’t put into words.”

Jamie couldn’t get enough Tech; buying albums, stickers, and posters, but most importantly sharing his love with his friends. Music of Tech’s caliber was not exactly mainstream in Jamie’s hometown of Hawley, Pennsylvania, where country music dominates, but Jamie didn’t give up his quest to show friends and classmates how great Tech is. After a few short years Jamie’s close friends knew every song off of K.O.D. and his entire high school knew the name Tech N9ne; most of them had at least one of his songs on their iPod. The football team would warm up to Sickology 101 and afterschool the parking lot was filled with students blasting Tech N9ne from their cars.

“I didn’t really need to try to get people into Tech, I just played his music when people were around and it spread like a virus. People would hear his songs and instantly ask me who the artist was. I would just say it’s the KC King Tech N9ne.”

Towards the end of his senior year Jamie had made Technicians out of all his peers, spreading Tech’s word to more than one school in the area. He has even carried the tradition onto his college (Shippensburg University) where he continues to grow the Strange Music family by cranking songs like “Ego Trippin” and “Am I A Psycho” from his dorm room.

“I can’t tell how many people I’ve converted but when I started no one knew the name Tech N9ne and now I can’t go out without hearing one of his songs somewhere. It’s good to know that I’m sharing the happiness that Tech’s music brings me with other people.”

Jamie has not been alone in sharing his love for Strange Music as Tech’s sales continue to skyrocket. Technicians all over the world are proudly playing their music and growing the family with every track. Jamie hopes that Tech N9ne can become a part of every rap lover’s collection and urges other fans to follow in his footsteps by sharing the love Tech has given to us all.

– Written By Dante Phoenix