StrangeGiving 50% Off Sale Still Running [Video]

Nov 30 2011

Strange Music Holiday Sale

Although Thanksgiving has come and gone, the StrangeGiving sale is still going strong! Even if you’ve already gotten what you need from, don’t forget that you still have the opportunity to stock up gifts at 50% off for your loved ones with merchandise from their favorite label, Strange Music. With the cold weather already upon us, what better gift to keep somebody warm than one of our new stocking caps, a Tech N9ne hoodie, or the brand new Strange Music blanket? Items are running out fast, but rest assured that we anticipated the blitz and still have a wide selection of t-shirts, jerseys, hats, and accessories to choose from until the sale ends on December 12. Make sure you visit today to see all the ways you can keep your holidays Strange and full of cheer!