Liz Suwandi Breaks Down ‘The Real Thing’ [Social]

Nov 11 2011

Liz Suwandi Explains "The Real Thing"

One of the biggest hits to come from the Best Buy Deluxe Edition and iTunes Deluxe Edition of Welcome To Strangeland is the Liz Suwandi assisted, “The Real Thing”. Even though the track is an exclusive to both retailers, fans everywhere have been praising Liz Suwandi’s performance on the rock infused collaboration.

Still, the hook has left some fans wondering what motivated Liz Suwandi to write it. Recently, Liz Suwandi took to Facebook to address the song with an explanation behind the meaning of “The Real Thing” :

“Here is the story …..Tech was showing me the beat for ‘The Real Thing’ and we were talking about his and my struggle with being taken seriously by industry because we didn’t really fit into any particular box and we were kind of laughing about how some artists get put out there and they don’t even write their own music , etc but yet they get all this radio play and support by industry and the fans don’t really know difference of someone like Tech who built his fan base purely by his merit and talent after being shunned by mainstream , something I can really identify with. So to take it a step further I compared our kind of artistry to that of modern day martyrs because in a society that focuses more on entertainment than true art it makes life difficult sometimes for the true artists so the underlying meaning of The Real Thing is telling the listener ‘I live for nothing but my Art and I would die to create you something beautiful ….so you decide what is real and what is fake.'”

The dedication to real art is something to admire and with Liz Suwandi quickly becoming a fan favorite, there’s no doubt that we’ll be hearing more from her and Tech N9ne.

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