Prozak Signs To Strange Music

Dec 15 2011


Strange Music is putting the finishing touches on the forthcoming album from acclaimed rapper Prozak. The Michigan rhymer will release Paranormal, his second solo album, in the first half of 2012.

As he demonstrated on his last collection, 2008’s Tales From The Sick, which earned a lofty 3.5 Mics in The Source, Prozak is one of rap’s most diverse, talented artists. “I can do the rock-rap, the hip-hop, the storytelling, a little bit of the dark stuff,” he says. “I’m Paranormal to the music industry, which is why I chose that title for my new album. One thing I keep hearing from people — whether it’s A&Rs or publicists — is that they’ve got to figure out how to market me. After hearing that so much, I felt like what I do is paranormal to the scene. My music is something that’s outside the range of normal.”

That also makes Prozak being on Strange Music — the No. 1 independent rap label in the world — a natural fit. The Saginaw, Michigan-based artist has embarked upon several tours with Strange Music and has worked with several of its artists, including Tech N9ne and Brotha Lynch Hung on “My Favorite”, a standout selection from the just-released Tech N9ne Collabos album Welcome To Strangeland.

“I fit in well with Strange Music because it’s just that,” Prozak says. “I think that everybody on the label is definitely strange to the industry. My music also doesn’t fit into the industry’s box. It’s not cookie-cutter. It’s not coming off the machine. It’s something completely different.”