‘ABU DHABI’ – Twitter Gets A Dose Of Tech N9ne On Morphine [Social]

Dec 27 2011

Tech N9ne Tweets On Morphine

Just when fans thought Tech N9ne’s exploits on Twitter couldn’t get any wilder, the MC jumped on the social networking site with a little bit of Morphine in his system and a brand new catchphrase that applied to nearly everything.

Still recovering from a minor accident during his USO trip, Tech N9ne revealed he was using Morphine to ease the pain in his ribs. With the Morphine doing its job (and then some), Tech hit Twitter to share a slew of photos from over the years. From the birth of his first child to meeting Charlie Sheen, it all got the “Abu Dhabi” treatment from Tech, which he defined as, “That’s the 816 boys way of sayin, GET MONEY MY NIGAAAAAAAA!” Feeling the holiday spirit, Tech gave his fans a funny and revealing night on Twitter.

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