Elizabeth Dodwell AKA ‘The Caribou Lou Lady’ Speaks [SM Exclusive]

Dec 20 2011

Elizabeth Dodwell Makes Tech N9ne's Caribou LouShe took the Strange Music world by storm and never even knew it. Elizabeth Dodwell of MixNSip.com took a chance by creating a video recipe inspired by Tech N9ne’s famous “Caribou Lou” and scored big. Like many of her other videos, the goal was to give viewers a way to have fun with their drinks and sway them to try something new. Thanks to her charismatic personality and willingness to take on Tech N9ne’s wild lyrics, the video became a viral hit with Technicians everywhere. Looking to get a bit of insight from the YouTube star, we reached out to Ms. Dodwell to see where the idea behind her Caribou Lou video came from and if we can expect to see more of her rapping talents any time soon.

What motivated you to make a Caribou Lou video?

Caribou Lou has actually been around for some time and I’ve actually only ever made a shooter with equal measures of the ingredients. Before I put anything on the website, I always like to do some research and maybe add a little more information to know a little more about what I’m doing. Especially if it’s not my own creation and I like to know things anyway. That’s how I came across Caribou Lou being mentioned by Tech N9ne. That started that. I liked the combination. In his song of course, he doesn’t do the equal parts – the equal measures of the drink. He does it a little differently, so I thought, “Ok, I’ll make mine on that.”

Did you know about Tech N9ne before you made the video?

I hadn’t the slightest idea. I’m kind of stuck in a time warp when it comes to music, I sometimes think I should have been around in the 50’s. My taste tends to be more like, I love Dinah Washington, blues, jazz, but you know, I think hip hop is the biggest music genre out there now, is it not? So, I started looking at that a little bit more. I started looking at Tech N9ne – do people usually refer to him as Tech N9ne or by his actual name?

Usually Tech or Tech N9ne, either one is fine. Most people seemed to like the nickname you gave him, “Mr. N9ne.”

(Laughs) I wasn’t sure, but that seemed like the polite thing to do. You know, I don’t follow this type of music, but so many people do. What I liked, when I looked at his background – I mean I like the guy. He’s somebody who really worked at this. He has incredible tenacity–obviously. I don’t know what he actually went and did, but it didn’t happen for him right away, he stuck with it. He worked at it and I like that in anybody. I like people who have their dreams and really work hard to fulfill those dreams. He’s made a success out of his life, so that’s great. That made it more fun for me.

Have you listened to a lot of his music?

You know, it’s not my thing. I like some hip hop, but I wouldn’t run out and buy hip hop music. Then again, I don’t follow any one particular artist. I’m very generic in my music taste. Some of it I can hear and say, “I like that”, but if you asked me to sing it, I probably couldn’t tell you. Like I said, I’m from back then – a lot of 50’s music. I don’t really know anything from the 80’s and on. I grew up with 60’s and 70’s, that was my music. Like I said, I can remember a few things back then, but after that I just stopped following what was current because I found a genre that I enjoyed and that’s typically what I listen to. The first time I heard somebody rapping was probably – oh god, it’s been a long time. I remember that it was really clever and really different. There will be another genre coming along before we know it that will also be really clever and really different. You know, when I tried to do that “Caribou Lou” rap in that video, it’s not easy to do that! Keeping on that beat, it’s just not easy. You think it is, but it’s not.

You seemed to have a bit of trouble with the lyrics to “Caribou Lou”. Have you figured them out yet?

Well, that was me definitely being confused which isn’t unusual. I still don’t understand the lyrics to the song, but I’m pretty old-fashioned.

Caribou Lou can be a pretty strong drink. Did you get a buzz in the video?

I don’t drink enough to get that fuzzy. I know I’m in the business of making cocktails, but I actually don’t drink a lot. I’m a slow sipper, for me it’s all about enjoying what I create. So, I spend a lot of time mixing and matching, by the time I get to drink the drink itself, I’ve had enough. Then my husband gets to drink it.

I have to ask, do you think it’s ever gotten anybody pregnant?

(Laughs) It may. From looking at the comments, that was me misinterpreting the lyrics. In my own young days when I did drink a lot, who the heck knows, it’s hard to say.

Did you know that this would be such a popular video with Tech N9ne fans?

Oh gosh no, I hadn’t the slightest idea. It never even occurred to me. I don’t know who put it on the site or who found it, but – I mean that was just fun. I’m surprised that the fans liked it so much and I’m glad they did. It’s a fun drink and the whole thing – Tech N9ne’s a great guy and I like that people like what I did. A couple of the comments said that I should do, what is it? The KC cocktail? I’m going to look at that and maybe try something out. Yeah, like I said, I feel very gratified, but very surprised.

Right, it’s called KC Tea. Can we expect another video for that?

Yeah, that’s the one. Someone commented on the KC Tea, I said I would take a look at that. I’m not sure if I’m rapping anything again because that might really put people off. We’ll give it a whirl.

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– Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music

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