The Line Up: Tech N9ne’s 20 Best Lines Of 2011

Dec 31 2011

The Line Up: Tech N9ne's 20 Best Lines Of 2011

There was nothing ordinary about 2011 for Tech N9ne. The year that gave him a top Billboard selling album in All 6’s And 7’s also opened him up to the mainstream thanks to his appearance on Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV. While other artists may have taken the time to bask in the glory, Tech celebrated by hitting the booth for a fourth Collabos album, Welcome To Strangeland. With three separate tours, two albums, and a show stealing spot on Wayne’s double platinum release, Tech N9ne had plenty to boast about this past year – and boast he did.

Proving that nothing could slow him down, Tech N9ne delivered some of the best verses of his career in 2011. The fact is, Tech was at his hottest this year and the memorable lines within his verses were enough to keep the crown on his head. As the year officially closes down, we decided to take a look back at some of Tech’s wittiest, most memorable, and all around most badass lines in 2011.

20) Line: “No use in usin’ Allah or Kabbalah”
Song:“ICU” – Brotha Lynch Hung featuring Tech N9ne

Seriously, don’t bother praying because Tech is coming for that ass. This vicious collaboration brought out the killer in Tech N9ne as he raised his animalistic delivery to match Lynch’s already homicidal premise. You took something from Tech? Yeah, good luck.

19) Line: “Got me out of the ghetto, got me mucho dinero
In Cozumel, Mexico shorts and Jordans and a sombrero”
Song: “I Love Music” – featuring Oobergeek and Kendrick Lamar

Music gave Tech N9ne an outlet and allowed him to escape a life where he may have had nothing. Thanks to his love of music, he stuck with it and managed to build a career unlike any other. In a single verse, Tech lays out every positive and negative of his love for music, including the fact that he gets paid and is able to kick back in Mexico. Dude even knows Spanish.

18) Line:Now my life’s changed, me and Travis had to
ignite Strange Music, keep movin through it and fight pain”
Song: “Night Train (Remix)” – Joell Ortiz featuring Bun B and Tech N9ne

Joell Ortiz struck back with an official remix to his hit, “Night Train”, and he enlisted the Nina for a guest spot. Taking center stage, Tech gave listeners an autobiographical verse chronicling his start in music and the struggles it took to push Strange Music to the top. Giving his partner in crime Travis O’Guin a shout, Tech didn’t need a whole verse to get his point across.

17) Line: “But if they take my soul, then I’ma go below
I take the devil’s bitch and then I stick it in her hole”
Song: “Down” – Krizz Kaliko featuring Tech N9ne

Nevermind Tech’s absolutely insane delivery on this verse, in a hilarious closer to his feature he makes it clear – Satan, even your chick isn’t safe.

16) Line: “But if Tecca Nina steady crew with it
in a blink, I would do a 180 too”
Song: “Raw Shit” – Travis Barker featuring Bun B and Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne was on such a roll when he wrote his verse for “Raw Shit” that he ended up recording an extra set of vocals for the bridge. The track featured Tech using his signature flow, finding time to even sneak in a Blink 182 reference. You’re welcome Travis.

15) Line: “Cause I get a pussy pass every minute”
Song: “Beautiful Music” – featuring Krizz Kaliko

No really, he does.

14) Line: “Cuz I got kids nigga and I’ll do a bid nigga
for the safety of my babies, crazy, now look what I did nigga”
Song: “Kill Or Be Killed” – Jay Rock featuring Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko

If you couldn’t hear the anger behind Tech’s voice during this verse, then you weren’t listening. Inspired by death threats surrounding Mac Dre’s passing, Tech wrote this extremely personal verse in a moment of anger and frustration. Tech N9ne explains:

“That verse is talking to the motherfuckers, like ‘How dare you?!’ You know what I’m saying? It’s kill or be killed motherfucker. I’m not going to be the one getting killed over something stupid–over something a motherfucker think as opposed to something somebody knows.”

13) Line: “I just wanna bite you and watch you drip out Romanée-Conti”
Song: “Fuck Food” – featuring Lil Wayne and T-Pain

Tech N9ne’s vampire-like sex anthem came to life thanks to a gothic production from Seven. Littered with references to sadomasochism, blood, and all things X-rated, the collaboration let the two MCs get downright dirty. Tech even managed to make reference to some of the most expensive wine around. If Tech bites you, you better have some $11,000 blood running through your veins.

12) Line: “Tech is hostile, he’s awful”
Song: “Worldwide Choppers” – featuring Twista, Yelawolf, Busta Rhymes, Ceza, USO, D-Loc, JL of B.Hood, Twisted Insane

Short, but effective. Among the flurry of ridiculously sped up rhymes in Tech’s opening verse on this monster collaboration, this line sticks out clearly. Watch how many fans sing along to this one line at a concert. Yep, Tech is one bad MC.

11) Line: “So blow me, with a bucket of hot feces poured on me”
Song: “So Lonely” – featuring Blind Fury and Mackenzie O’Guin

Although most people know this song as “the one Eminem was suppose to be on”, Tech N9ne and Blind Fury were able to craft an incredible collaboration that quickly became a favorite on All 6’s And 7’s. Just what did Tech mean with this line? That’s open to a few interpretations actually, but the imagery is a little tough to swallow.

10) Line: “Thank you Baby for what became Lil Wayne
It’s gettin all the people knowin’ that Strange in the game”
Song: “Interlude” – Lil Wayne featuring Tech N9ne and Andre 3000

One shout out from Lil Wayne is all it took for Tech N9ne to start the rollercoaster ride that was 2011. Leaving nothing behind, Tech N9ne unleashed what could possibly be the best verse of 2011 on Lil Wayne’s “Interlude” from Tha Carter IV. Taking a moment to pay respect to Baby aka Birdman, Tech showed his gratitude to both men as he acknowledged their contributions to Strange Music’s newfound fame.

9) Line: “Defend they country and uphold the crew
but give my one and only soul for U (SA)”
Song: “The Noose” – featuring ¡Mayday!

Inspired by his visits to Camp Pendleton, Tech penned this ode to the troops and the struggles they face while serving our country. Most listeners actually miss the fact that Tech says “USA”, making that line just that much more powerful. Tech would later go on to visit soldiers in the Middle East to debut this track live, capturing one of Tech’s most emotional performances.

8 ) Line: “Gotta nigga thinkin some of the fans I’m makin
will they wanna do me like Selena”
Song: “Slave” – featuring Kutt Calhoun and Krizz Kaliko

It’s hard to deny just how big Tech N9ne has gotten in the last few years. None of it came without sacrifice though. Calling back to the history of slave hymns, Tech N9ne dug deep into his soul and delivered one of the best verses on Welcome To Strangeland. Pain and exhaustion in his voice, Tech expressed his worst fears and imagined his death at the hands of a crazed fan.

7) Line: “Do you solemnly swear to put that bottom in the air and
do you promise it’ll be bare so I can Bop It,twist it, pull it…”
Song: “Eenie Meanie Miny Ho” – Featuring Krizz Kaliko and WideFrame

Oh, come on! A Bop It reference?! Tech, you crazy for this one.

6) Line: “I’m on a pilgrimage to the rhyme Mecca because I’m Tecca”
Song: “Unfair” – featuring Krizz Kaliko and CES Cru

Spoken like an elite MC. The first line of “Unfair” pretty much says it all. Giving this line even more notoriety is the fact that it was the first line fans heard when Tech N9ne gave them a sneak preview of Welcome To Strangeland. Switching up his flow like a madman on a mission, Tech rhymed his way through a spectacular obstacle course set up by the fantasy-like sounds produced by Seven.

5) Line: “You’re crazy, I like you, but you’re crazy”
Song: “Am I A Psycho?” – featuring Hopsin and B.o.B

If this list was based only on what was the most memorable, this line would easily be at the top. Taking a page out of Old School, Tech started his crazed verse with a catchphrase that has been repeated countless times by fans online. It’s pretty hard to resist singing right along. You’d have to be crazy not to.

4) Line: “Red laces, but booted like I’m Iraq bound
that frown will get you ate by my cannibal from Sac town”
Song: “Who Do I Catch”

In front of the world, Tech N9ne stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park at the 2011 BET Cypher. Debuting his first verse from “Who Do I Catch”, the Kansas City King burst through television screens everywhere and spit one of his hardest verses yet. The Brotha Lynch Hung reference was just the cherry on top.

3) Line: “Hard to see me like the background
your rap style comin softer than a cat’s meow”
Song: “Who Do I Catch”

Yes, it was so good that we had to go back for seconds. Tech’s line about soft MCs was one of the most memorable lines in the first verse of “Who Do I Catch”, and thanks to the BET Cypher, viewers everywhere got a taste.

2) Line: “Hey! I’m lookin down on you niggas
even though I’m 5′ 8″ and 195 pound on you niggas”
Song: “He’s A Mental Giant”

Gearing up for his biggest album yet, Tech N9ne wanted the stage for himself on “He’s A Mental Giant”. Looking to cast his humble personality aside, he brought out the big guns for this tribute to himself. The opening line remains one of Tech’s cockiest moments on record and with good reason. Giant indeed.

1) Line: “I know a lotta you prolly never knew who this is
well, you’re listening to Tecca Nina, Soo Woo bidness”
Song: “Interlude” – Lil Wayne featuring Tech N9ne and Andre 3000

The final nail in the coffin to Tech’s most publicized verse this year. Like a declaration to the world, Tech N9ne made sure you knew who you were listening to and he did it with confidence. Quite possibly the most important line of Tech’s career in 2011, it left his undeniable stamp on Lil Wayne’s double platinum release. It’s Tecca Nina, now you know.

-Victor Sandoval, Assistant Editor Strange Music

Follow Victor on Twitter: @VicMSandoval

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