Wanted! – Fans Sound Off On Next Tech N9ne Music Video [Social]

Dec 7 2011

Technicians Sound Off On Tech N9ne's Next Music Video

The buzz surrounding Tech N9ne’s latest music video for “Am I A Psycho?” has everyone in Strangeland wondering what’s next for the Kansas City King. With Welcome To Strangeland still fresh and All 6’s And 7’s pushing strong, Tech has plenty of material to choose from for another video. The question is, which will he choose next?

Strange Music recently asked that very question over Twitter and allowed the fans to share some feedback on what they want to see as Tech N9ne’s next music video. Picking from the last two releases, fans had requests for everything from “The Boogieman” to “The Noose”. Still, the most popular answer seemed to be “Worldwide Choppers”, which Tech N9ne has confirmed in recent interviews. While fans await the release of that much anticipated collaboration video, they can rest assured that Tech has plenty to work with for now.

Check out what fans had to say on Twitter!

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