Tech N9ne: What I Want For Christmas

Dec 23 2011

Has Tech been “good” this year? Undoubtedly so. In 2011, the list of Tech N9ne’s accomplishments goes on and on, but despite how deserved he might be to get what he wants for Christmas, his wish list is short. What do you get the ruler of Strangeland, who already has most of what he needs or wants?

We got ahold of Tech and asked him what he wanted for Christmas and in the process also got an insight into his upcoming Klusterfuk EP, which he says will take him to new heights.

What do you want for Christmas this year?

I want my motherfuckin’ ribs to heal overnight so I can finish this Klusterfuk EP.

All of it produced by ¡Mayday!, yes?


What is it about their production that made you want to do an entire EP of it?

Their production is taking me to another plateau of music. It takes me somewhere I’ve never been before and when you hear the beats and the concepts you’ll say “They took Tech somewhere else.” You can hear it in “Retrogression” and “The Noose”. They take me somewhere totally different–live music off top but it’s just the vibe of it is totally different than anything I’ve ever done, and that’s what I keep wanting to do is elevate and Plex and all their instruments are taking me someplace else man.

Is there anything tangible that you want for Christmas this year?


Like a gift?

Uh…I’ve got everything! I mean…I can’t think of anything that I might want because I’ve got everything.

Isn’t the Luciano Soprani cologne you like out of production?

Yeah but I’ve still got four bottles and I’ve got the other one too…uh…Hugh Parsons. So it’s like I’ve got everything. I can’t think of what I might want because everybody keeps asking me. I knew I wanted an iPad because I’m tired of carrying that big ass motherfucking computer all over the country with me.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share your wish list with the fans. Have a happy holiday Tech.

It’s all Jesus.

What do you want for Christmas?